A pleasant scene from Toronto, Canada
at 01:41:19 on Saturday, February 27, 2021
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The view you are looking at is a live HD camera from the office of
Michael Silver Mediation Michael Silver LL.B, LL.M, FCIArb, MEDIATOR & ARBITRATOR.
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For a pleasant and quiet scene, here's our back yard and the new live Pond Cam
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The official webcam of the intrr.net. A pleasant scene from the legendary interactivepages estate, in Toronto, Canada. This scene is supplied by an Foscam wireless camera looking out of our back window. The large black dog you can sometimes see is our Boxer, the newly world famous Herschel, Wonder Dog of the Internet II. The bird feeder is visited each day by at least 5 pairs of Cardinals along with Blue Jays, Junkos, Chickadees and numerous Finches, Sparrows and Morning Doves. The backyard also has a pond in the back corner, to the left of the picnic table, where our koi live. Why not consider a webcam for your site? Ever thought of